Saturday, July 20, 2013

Baby food pouches for adults?

My toddler has always been a very picky eater. So when I saw those squeezable baby food pouches that they put apple sauce in them, I have to give it a try. They have so many different flavors like mango apple, strawberry apple, strawberry yogurt, sweet potatoes, butternut squash, strawberry yogurt. Basically if you can name it, they have it. Some parents go as far as making their own baby pouches at home using this Infantino Squeeze Station. Besides, I thought that it would be a great to-go option too if we want to go somewhere for couple hours and take a snack with us. Sounds like a great plan right?
Well, well, well. Turns out my toddler doesn't really care for these either. She is more interested in screwing the cap on and off these food pouches than actually eating from it. And worse, she loves to squeeze the apple sauce out of the pouch, ummm, when her mouth is not in contact with the opening and making a big mess. Sigh! Then I was really hungry one night and it just happened that I ran out of food in my fridge. I proceeded to look in my pantry and saw these GoGo Squeez Mango Applesauce and decided to try it myself and ooops .... I was hooked!!! Then I saw this article about how the sale of baby food in jar has gone down 15% while that of the baby food in pouches have doubled. It also mentioned that brands like Happy Family and GoGo squeeze have already launched similar products for adults and other companies are playing catch-up and looking to do the same later this year or next year. So I guess I am not only adult who likes these baby food pouches (I feel so much better now)!

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