Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Things that I do when I am stressed ...

Things that I do when I am stressed:

1. Eat, eat and eat nonstop. Eat, eat, eat till I drop.
2. Forget to eat and starve myself
3. Bite my nails
4. Clean, declutter and organize things
5. Move furniture or stuff around
6. Drink many cups of coffee
7. Take a mid-day shower (has to be a hot shower)
8. Go onto blogs and read as an escape
9. Vent to friends through google chat
10. Drink soda (no Diet please)
11. Eat an entire bar of dark chocolate (so I guess that's part of #1 LOL), preferably with coffee
12. Take a day off and do nothing
13. Go shopping
14. Tell my baby to give me a hug and give me kisses
15. Take it out on hubby (*shame on me*)
16. Read Harry Potter again
17. Stay up and won't sleep (mmmm I kinda of do this regardless but it's worse when I am stressed)

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  1. The blog reading habit is actually good. I see that as a great way to obtain insight and inspiration, in turn acting as a stress-reducer.