Friday, July 26, 2013

Sleep Tight, My Love

Eyes shut tight,
Surrendered finally
To her exhausted body.
Counting her long eyelashes one by one,
Watching her lips tremble slightly,
Listening to her soft, sweet breath.
A perfect face.
The most peaceful space.

Her little fingers clutching her baby bear,
She stretches her arms,
She rolls over and back,
Her legs cycle couple times,
Gradually settling back into her fetal position.
Sound asleep once again,
In the safest, the most familiar place.

If her angel face,
Shall be startled
By the whistle of the passing train,
I shall wipe her little tears,
And gently whisper,
Into her little ears,
"Sweet baby Omi,
Do not fear,
For mommy is here."
I will sing a lullaby,
I will say my little prayer,
till she rests her bewildered eyes,
Dozing off soundly in no time.

Keep her sheltered
From the evil,
the wickedness of this world.
Let there not be
One moment of darkness.
For if there shall be
Nights with no stars,
Days with no sun,
She shall still find
The little sparkles
You left in her heart.

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