Thursday, July 18, 2013

Which charities do you donate to?

I read that some of the charities spent less than 10% of their money they received on direct cash aid or on the program. This is just outrageous! That makes me wonder if some of the charities that I donated to in the past was really worth it. So guys, please remember to check the rating of the charities (on Charity Navigator and CharityWatch) before you donate and see how much of the donations they actually spent on the program and how efficient their fund-raising was (some of bad ones paid for-profit fundraising professionals over 75% of their total functional expenses on fundraising fees).

World Vision and Doctor Without Borders are two of my favorite charities and I looked up their scores and I am happy to see that they spend 85.6% and 85.9% of the total contributions on program expenses, respectively (not the best but definitely two solid charities nevertheless).


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