Monday, July 22, 2013

Gratitdue Project #6 - Having hot water and a shower

I am grateful for having a shower and having hot water. No matter how stressful my day is, how rough of a time I am having, how hard I am trying to stay sane, I can always count on a hot shower to relax all the tensed muscles in my body, my aching back, the knots in my mind and to relieve all the anxieties that I have. Sometimes, if I have a busy day, that's the only ME time that I have and for that, I treasure my bath time even more. I like to let my mind run blank, and let all the external sensors of my body run free (sometimes we are so absorbed in whatever we are doing in our daily life that we ignore how our body is really feeling). I like to feel every stream of hot water that runs down my spine. I like to feel the rebound of every single cell in my body from the stress that I have imposed on myself that day. Five to ten minutes is all it takes to recover the inner peace in me. Plus I got to be all nice-smelling afterwards =). Having hot water is such a luxury in so many parts of the world but yet it's so basic in the States that sometimes we take it for granted. Well, enough self-reflection for today, now I am ready for a hot shower after getting my baby to bed!

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