Friday, July 19, 2013

Oh Baby wipes, how I love thee?

I have a confession to make. I love baby wipes. Ever since I had a baby, baby wipes have become an essential part of my life. I would almost always carry a pack of baby wipes in my purse or my diaper bag when I go out. I know they are far from the most environmental friendly products but I feel much more secure to have a pack nearby, within my arm's reach. Otherwise, what do I do when my baby has an episode of BM mishaps when we are out at church? What do I do when my baby shakes her sippy cup so hard that she pops the cap open, squirting milk in every single direction when we are traveling in our car? Now I am not ridiculous like that one lady on My Strange Addiction show who uses 500 wipes a day and who uses wipes to clean herself instead of taking showers, I do sometimes use a bit more baby wipes that I would like myself to and I am working on minimizing that. But yeah, I do love my baby wipes and apparently my toddler does too, as I woke up one day to find her taking a big pile of wipes out from the package, and proceeded to wipe the door, the carpet, her toys, and everything with them. Now I need to remember to put the wipes away every night after I get her down to sleep =)

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  1. I like them too. I have actually used them to wipe down the interior of my car. One of the best inventions ever.