Thursday, July 18, 2013

I look at my baby and I wish I could have her ...

@ Chalk It Up 2013 in Hendersonville NC

I look at my baby and I wish I could have her ...

  • Energy: She is on the move all the time. I mean, seriously, all the time. Climbing up and down the couch/bookcase/table/chairs. Running back and forth, running in circles. Bouncing here and there. Singing her favorite nursery rhymes 50 times a day.

  • Curiosity: She can manage to spot anything that's not supposed to be where they are at. She always manages to find toys, snacks, gadgets that I tried to hide from her.

  • Confidence: Man she is so full of herself these days. She would do something and tell herself and me that she did a good job. She would also look in the mirror, admire herself and flash me that proud smile of hers.

  • Audacity: Never afraid of challenging anyone's authority, including me and her daddy of course and saying no. Can't you tell that she is at her terrible-two stage? I wish I could have the courage to challenge myself and other people and actually say NO and set some boundaries sometimes.

  • Innocence: One morning I woke up, opened the door of her room and there she was, giving me a big smile. She said "good morning" in her own alien language that I have managed to master a bit better these days, gave me a big hug and told me "I love you" (in a semi-alien language). She is just so innocently happy all the time! So worry-free!

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