Thursday, July 18, 2013

The United Nation of Caffeine

Good morning, welcome to the United Nation of Caffeine, where everyone is accepted regardless of his/her race, nationality, ethic background, religion, gender, political party, music preference, social status.

We are a caffeinated crowd. I am not sure how many of you are like me. I would prefer coffee to be the first thing that goes into my digestion system in the morning. It serves to wake my entire system up. It clears my muddy mind, it moves my sluggish limbs, it gives me a shot of energy, it lifts up my mood, it brings me back from the outer space to focus on the little screen in front of me where work is awaiting me. It has such a huge psychological effect on me that upon the first sip of my coffee, I can actually feel the relief the moment the coffee particle touches my lips, prompting me to let out a sigh of relief "ahhhhhhhhhh". When my coffee runs out or when I am too busy to have my morning coffee because of my toddler, beware, do not approach me, for I am a different person without my coffee. Heaven is where I can sip my coffee leisurely with all the people that I love.

And that's not counting the people who drink tea instead of coffee (I love Earl grey and jasmine tea) and the even a bigger crowd who downs cans and cans of soda everyday. I have to admit that I was addicted to soda when I was back in college and I tried to quit it at least 5 times and it wasn't until my pregnancy that I finally let it go. To this day, my ear still perks up at the popping sound when someone opens a can of Coca-cola. I still have moments when I crave soda badly. Man, no wonder they have to put caffeine in some of our migraine and headache medications. Yup, caffeine withdrawal gives you headaches, and then you proceed to take a medication that contains caffeine to relieve your headache. A little ironic here isn't it?

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