Thursday, July 18, 2013

To My Inner Child

 My inner child,
 Do you remember,
 All those times,
 When you sat by the windowsill,
 Gazing up at a blue, blue sky,
 And the fluffy white clouds,
 Watching time crawl by.
 You never seemed to run out of time.
 You imagined that,
 There is a heaven,
 Sitting right on top of
 The endless layers of clouds,
 And when the souls enter the Gate of Heaven,
 they set their feet onto
 A blanket of warm and snuggly clouds.
 Whatever they need,
 Whatever they wish,
 The cloud shall grant them their hearts' desires.
 Cotton candy,
 Flying Dog in the sky,
 Chalk dust,
 Wings of an angel,
 A Sea of snow,
 Falcor in The Neverending Story.
 Whatever you see,
 Whatever you hear,
 However you feel,
 They are all real.
 My inner child,
 When you are shedding tears,
 you are just standing
 In the drizzle from the clouds.
 Try dancing in the puddle,
 And wait patiently,
 For the rainbow after the drizzle.
 Then follow this Stairway to Heaven
 to see all the faces of your loved ones
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