Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Gratitude Project #2 - My Husband (obviously)

My husband. Now he really should be on day 1 of my gratitude project but this is a bit harder to write about than my baby, not because it's hard for me to think of all the good things in my life that I am able to have and enjoy because of him. Rather, it's because there are simply too many things that I can write about. I like to think of us as two lonely souls traversing this universe (yes we were literally more than 8000 miles apart) until one day, fate brought us together. Sounds cliche but that's really how i feel about this. We dated for seven and a half years, got married and now we just celebrated our third wedding anniversary (July 3). We have been together for a long time and while things have not always been easy for us, I am thankful to have him walk with me for the past ten years. I admit that I have taken him for granted at times, I have taken out my stress and my frustrations on him more times than I would like, I have said hurtful things to him for no good reasons, I have not given him enough of my time and attention ever since we had our first child. But he has been extra forgiving and understanding and although I struggle to verbalize how lucky I am to have him, I feel very very grateful in my heart. There is really no other person that I would like to be with, for he is my love, my best friend, my refuge.

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