Thursday, July 18, 2013

Gratitude Project #3 - My Washer and Dryer

The wardrobe of my baby with all the newborn to 3 months clothes, taken back in 2011

I meant to write about my family today but my brainwave just got hijacked by the sight of my washer & dryer so yeah, there you go ~

My washer & dryer are about 2 years old I got them brand new and before that I have always used those coin-based laundry machines they have in our rental place. I dislike those wholeheartedly because:

1. I am a bit germophobic. I hate the idea of sharing washers and dryers with other people, and i hate to think of what people have on their clothes and you know, their underwears. It's just gross.
2. I hate carrying heavy loads of laundry up and down the stairs and dropping a sock or two here and there.
3. People don't always empty their clothes from the washer and dryer on time and I am always stuck waiting for people to remove them (that leads to my #4)
4. I hate it when people move my laundry out of the washers/dryers for me. Now i always try to move my laundry within 10 minutes after my load of laundry is done. I really don't understand why people have to move my laundry (I don't even think I would want to touch other people's laundry because of #1). Just have a little patience people.
5. Have you ever met one of those creeps who steal from your laundry or even worse, put their clothes into your laundry?
6. Now that I have a baby at home. Without my washer/dryer, how can I survive those crazy episodes of projectile vomiting & stomach upsets?

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